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What Happened To Your Hair?

With COVID-19 locking all of us in our houses with nothing to do, students in the Packer community have resorted to trying new hobbies and changing their appearance. Some have started to learn to sew and make jewelry, using this new skill to open small businesses. Others have used this time to change their aesthetic, one of the most popular ways that people did this during quarantine is by transforming their hair. From cutting hair into a mullet or completely going bald, to dying their hair multiple colors, students have been experimenting with all different types of styles.

But what is it with the sudden trend in people dying and cutting their hair? 

With the constant feeling that the days are just repeating as they pass by, students decided to give themselves a new change to break that feeling of repetitiveness. Not having to worry about their peers and mutuals seeing their botched haircut or messed-up hair dye job made a hair change an even more appealing option.

Social media also influences people to dye their hair. With nothing to do, sitting on your phones all day, people saw their favorite celebrities and influencers changing their appearance. From Emma Chamberlain dying the under-section of her hair blonde to Dwayne Wade dying his hair red to match his daughter, need an ending to this sentence to make it complete.

Sofia Diefendorf (‘23), one of many Packer students to dye their hair said, “I think I dyed my hair because in quarantine, every day felt the same and I needed some change. I also never dyed my hair before so it was exciting and new”. She bleached her hair and dyed it blue with her sister in April, a month into lockdown. She recently bleached the two front strands of hair and frequently dyes her hair different colors.

Gianna Leon (‘23) is another student in the Packer community to have changed up their hair during quarantine, saying, “I dyed the under section of my hair bright orange at the very beginning of October”. Gianna still wanted to dye her hair but took advantage of lockdown to try something new, “I figured now was better than later, especially since if it turned out bad I wouldn’t have to see too many people”.

With this year slowly coming to an end, and the cases of COVID-19 in the United States rapidly rising, there is the question that stands: Are we going to be in quarantine again? If we are, what new trends will people follow to entertain themselves this time?

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