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“Who Did It?” in HBO’s Original: The Undoing

As COVID-19 cases unfortunately spike, many people are looking for entertainment within their homes. The increased use of streaming services has resulted in the surfacing of many enticing and melo-dramatic television shows. Among these is the HBO Original: The Undoing. Within the first 45 minutes of the six-episode mini-series, the audience is introduced to a therapist, Dr. Fraser,  whose life slowly begins to spiral out of control after she suspects her husband of an unimaginable sin. 

Loosely based on Jean Hanff Korelitz’s novel You Should Have Known, the audience experiences a tense, emotional rollercoaster in an attempt to gain clarity about the air of confusion that consumed the community. 

Based in New York City, the average Packer viewer would be greeted with a familiar environment plagued with chaos, lies, and secrets. The overarching character development of each individual added to the intensity of each scene. The relationships between characters and the relationship the characters had within themselves made this show much more interesting to watch. The incredible cinematography paired with the homey yet ominous feel of the introduction scene made the show much more rewarding to see. 

The quick yet thorough plot development makes the show irresistible and addictive, thus making it easy to lose yourself in the drama. While many people were dissatisfied with the series’s ending, the show is definitely worth the watch as it managed to successfully stir up an overwhelming amount of emotions within the viewer. 

The characters’ ability to portray authentic confusion, anger, hurt, and love made it so much easier for the viewers to genuinely empathize with the characters’ individual situations. 

Overall, HBO’s Original: The Undoing is an incredible show to binge with family, friends or even alone. Regardless of the context in which the show is being watched, it will undoubtedly evoke intense emotions and a deep passion for the characters and their relationships. 

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