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Winter Movie Reviews

Winter Movie Reviews

By Violet Chernoff
The heavy work and extracurricular load during the school year can make it impossible to find any leisure time to relax and enjoy a movie, but break is a perfect time to do just that. Whether you are spending the break far away or having a staycation, there are many great movies to pick from; you could go the route of a holiday classic, such as Elf or Home Alone, or see one of many new movies that are released yearly during the holiday season. Come December 25th, the highly-anticipated On The Basis of Sex will be released. The movie is a biopic of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, one of the most famous and admired Supreme Court Justices. When the story starts, she is a women’s rights activist and lawyer, who takes on a tax case in the hopes that she can change the courts’ discrimination against women. Of course, Ginsburg’s journey to power is littered with obstacles that affect both the professional and personal spheres of her life.

If the politics are not enough of a draw for you, the movie also incorporates the dramatic romance between Ginsburg and her husband. Reviews have not been extremely positive, with the Guardian reporting “On the Basis of Sex is a solid, often impassioned film, but too often its worst instincts take over, and cliches stack up faster than legal documents.” Even though it traffics in cliche, who can resist the notorious RBG?

 If this doesn’t sound like the movie for you, and you tend to enjoy more comedic movies, Holmes and Watson (which will be released on the same day) is the perfect option. It is a hilarious and action-packed tale about Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John H. Watson, who solve a murder mystery that took place at Buckingham Palace. The movie stars Will Ferrell, John C. Reilly, and Ralph Fiennes, who notably plays Lord Voldemort for all of you Harry Potter fans. With its iconic cast and fast-paced plot, the movie will likely be extremely successful and is perfect for mystery lovers, anglophiles, and those just looking for a laugh.

Another comedy your whole family can enjoy is Mary Poppins Returns, which will be released on December 19th, 54 years after the original. This version is set in 1930s London, when Michael Banks, the child in the first movie, has become an adult. Having fallen on hard times financially, Michael is facing having to move out of his house on Cherry Lane, when his old beloved nanny comes to the rescue. Viewers were unsure how to feel about the movie; a critic from the Washington Post enjoyed the movie overall, but reported too many digital effects and an average soundtrack. However, there were no complaints when it came to the cast, as Mary Poppins was played by none other than Emily Blunt, and Lin-Manuel Miranda, known for Hamilton, occupied the role of her friend Jack.

If none of these movies sound appealing, you can check out the others that will be playing in theaters, or turn to Netflix, which will surely provide you with ample options for a holiday binge session.

Violet Chernoff is currently a junior at the Packer Collegiate Institute and is the Content Editor for the Prism this year. This is Violet’s second year on The Prism. She loves writing articles about obscure topics, and hopes to continue improving. When she’s not writing articles, Violet can be found rewatching Harry Potter or attempting the NYT crossword. Violet can be reached at

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